Prefabricated construction is one of the more modern types of construction methods which principally involves deploying a majority of structural components, such as columns, beams, trusses, wall panels and floor panels pre-produced and standardised in factory for assembly readily at the work site. It has a wide range of applications, including residential housing, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, factory premises, public facilities, etc.. By using the prefabricated construction method, the completion schedule for a construction could be shortened as compared to traditional construction method and given this advantage, there is an increasing trend of using such construction method.

China Saite is the second largest prefabricated construction service provider in Jiangsu Province; we are well prepared and positioned to capture new opportunities in the growing PRC prefabricated construction industry. The Group has diversified into the prefabricated construction industry; our broad scope of services offered and proven project management abilities allow us to compete for a wide range of projects.

The Group was engaged to provide prefabricated construction services for the social security housing projects in the PRC including 宜興氿北花園一、二、三期 (Yixing Jiubei Garden Phase I, II, III), where each phase was awarded to us consecutively; 紅星花園住宅 (Hongxing Residential Garden), and altogether comprised a total of 198 blocks of buildings. As at the Latest Practicable Date, the construction of 宜興氿北花園三期 (Yixing Jiubei Garden Phase III), 紅星花園住宅 (Hongxing Residential Garden), 宜興高塍西城花園 (Yixing Gaocheng Xicheng Garden), 宜興高塍尚佳花園 (Yixing Gaocheng Shangjia Garden) and 宜興高塍尚水花園 (Yixing Gaocheng Shangshui Garden) was still on-going.

To enable different structural components to be assembled smoothly and effectively, our Directors consider that the requirements for the specifications, precision and workmanship for producing the components are generally high. In view of the above, we have established a research centre with Southeast University in the PRC in 2011 to enhance our research and development capability particularly on prefabricated construction techniques.