We owned three registered utility model patents and had the exclusive right to use three registered invention patents and utility model patents pursuant to licence agreements, and applied for the registration of two invention patents in the PRC.

Our research and development function is carried out by various staff from different teams including the technical team, construction team and production team. We recruit college graduates and engineers from all over China. We have been cooperating with Southeast University in relation to the research and development of steel structures and prefabricated construction techniques since 2011. Southeast University is one of the leading experts in the PRC construction industry. It published the national technical construction standard of prefabricated construction of the PRC namely "Prefabricated Concrete Framework (the World Constitutive System) Technical Specification" (預製預應力混凝土裝配整體式框架(世構體系)技術規程) which has been announced to be the compulsory standard of the industry to be applied by enterprises in the PRC by the PRC government on 1 October 2011.

In 2011, we established a research centre with Southeast University for the research and development of steel structures and prefabricated construction techniques. This research centre focuses on developing integrated solutions tailored to our customers' needs, providing guidance and advice on construction design and techniques in relation to our projects, providing regular trainings or seminars to our staff and introducing new technologies in relation to steel structure parts and prefabricated construction materials and construction methods to our Group to improve our existing services, enhance our production efficiency and reduce our costs.

According to the agreement we entered into with Southeast University, any invention developed by the research centre would be solely owned by us. Southeast University is not allowed to utilise such invention unless with the written permission of our Group.