China Saite Group Company Limited ("China Saite") is an integrated steel and prefabricated construction solution provider headquartered in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, the PRC with an operation history of approximately 15 years. Our integrated construction solution services are customised to meet the technical specifications and requirements of different projects, and span from fabrication and assembly of steel structure parts and prefabricated construction materials at our workshops to the installation of these materials onsite, based on the secondary design (as to our steel structure projects) provided by us or our customers.

According to the Ipsos Report, in Jiangsu Province, we were the third largest steel structure construction service provider and the second largest prefabricated construction service provider, in terms of revenue in 2012.

China Saite is one of the 70 Grade One Steel Structure Engineering Professional Contractors in the Jiangsu Province. Grade One Steel Structure Engineering Professional Contractors is the highest national qualification in this aspect, awarded by Ministry of Housing in November 2005, which enables the Group to undertake all kinds of steel structure projects without limitation in span, contract sum, construction area or total weight of construction in the PRC. We also obtained the Class B Construction Design Qualification from the Jiangsu Department of Housing in January 2010, which qualifies us to undertake design works of light steel structures in the PRC.

The Group also commenced undertaking prefabricated construction projects in late 2010. The requirements for the specifications, precision and workmanship of the components for prefabricated construction projects are generally high. In view of the above, we have established a research centre with Southeast University in the PRC in 2011 to enhance our research and development capability particularly on the prefabricated construction techniques.